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FREE Practice Growth Blueprint

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What We Do

Doctor. The Life You Want…The Lifestyle You Want…The Freedom That You Want,
Is Going To Be Fueled By The Practice You Build…


Our coaching is a “one-on-one” program specific to your needs. We specialize in directly & personally coaching and consulting with DC’s and MD’s who want to build their practice through Chiropractic enhanced by Massage, Decompression, Medical Integration, Weight Loss, Laser and much more.

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This unique certificate program has been approved by the International Medical Advisory Board for Spinal Decompression. It is the first decompression program to be non-product specific and to cover a robust outline of topics in order to teach you all you need to know in order to offer this highly effective protocol to your patients.

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At The Chiro Event you will learn how the balance between “Targeted, Streamlined, action-response Marketing & Time-Tested, Performance-Based Management systems can & will create a practice model that is positioned to “outperform” it’s peers and stay ahead of the ever-changing health care curve.

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Who Are The Coaches?

The relationship between Dr. Eric Kaplan & Dr. Perry Bard is one of the most admired, most emulated & most storied in the Chiropractic profession. It spans over 30 years. A relationship that conjoins an unmatched business & management acumen (Dr. Kaplan) with an unmatched marketing & New Patient generation expertise, (Dr. Bard).

Both Drs. Kaplan & Bard combined to create 11 Multi-Million dollar practices of their own & have pooled their wealth of knowledge & teaching success skills into Concierge Coaches, which is shared amongst the 100’s of clinics under their guidance who continue to break records. They have created a clear example that the “whole is much greater than the sum of its parts” and by conjoining & teaching the 2 foundational components of any successful practice, (Management & Marketing) they have attracted many the MOST ENTREPRENEURIAL chiropractors in the country.

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“Dr. Kaplan’s energy & Dr. Bard’s was incredible. The materials that they shared. There are so many new things, I learned so much. I also learned from all the other doctors that were there with so much sharing that takes place. My list of things to-do was over 4 pages long. If you implement what they tell you to do you will grow. These guys are The BEST…”

Dr. Lohr


“If someone was thinking about attending I would tell them they definitely need to. It builds their confidence. They’re encouraged, they’re around peers that they feel like they can grasp from each other. The Chiro Event was a great experience, beautiful. Very proud to be In the profession, to be able to share that from you and your experience and just the fact that you have such a professionalism that you’ve giving chiropractic as well as being able to work with our president.I’m a chiropractic orthopedist and I thought I had seen it all. In fairness I’ve only scratched the surface as to what’s even attainable after meeting Dr Kaplan. I can easily see instead of having old rehashed things, this is new, fresh and current. This was much more meat and potatoes…”

Dr. Edwards


“This totally changed my practice. My practice has more than tripled. I being known in my town as a specialist. I became a way better doctor. Way more confident. I have been known in the town, if someone wants to have back surgery and they don’t want to have back surgery they come to my office. It’s changed my life and my patients life. Each time you have new and better material. Honest to G-d it has been one of the best things that happen in my life professionally and personally. My mom and dad & my fiancé love Dr. Kaplan & Dr. Bard. It’s been one of the best experiences of my life…”

Dr. Huang


“Well I was expecting a basic seminar. I usually stand in the back and after about a half hour of being disinterested, I’ve had other plans and I usually leave for the day maybe to go play some golf. But I walked into a small room and it was intimate and I was very impressed by the presentation. It was something I definitely want to be a part of. I can’t wait to get back home. I’m actually cutting this weekend short so I get back home early to start to implement some ideas and in my stage of practice I thought I’d seen everything and you know everything. But what I’ve learned is I can just almost start all over again. I’m excited to start…”

Dr. Zimmel


“Well we’ve had enough of consulting, You are paying fees and walking out with just books and that handheld thing to go read. And when you go to a seminar to do the ra-ra thing and you go home where do you start. Fortunately when we met you and Dr. Bard, you held our hands and you took us from a position where I was ready to just hang it up and go do something else other than chiropractic. Literally that’s crossed my mind many times. This changed my whole attitude and outlook on life and it changed my practice. It changed the way I treat my patients, my family, and my whole practice and our self-image and our family is blessed by your contributions from you and Dr Bard. I now have Nine Spinal Decompression tables & we’re still growing and we’re still going”…

Dr. Girgis


“We’re very happy we came. We were able to open our office and within two months & we were able to take a 10 day vacation, came back to work, everything has been going smooth. The protocols, the marketing, everything has just worked out great for us. Definitely come listen to them there. They want us to succeed. They make sure we succeed. They give us everything we need to…”

Dr. Stickle


“I would say these gentlemen have it going on. And I would recommend coming down here because they have programs that in our profession we don’t even think of and how to promote it. So if you’re really interested or on the cusp but thinking about coming down or not coming down, get your butt down here…”

Dr. Losagio


“The Chiro Event was great. It was beautiful. Trump’s place is so gorgeous. We had an excellent meeting, lunch, I mean the atmosphere is just beautiful. The marketing is everything you could ever imagine you want.I have got more out of this here than I’ve done in the four years with not only one or two other companies trying to get my decompression to launch. It’s been a great, great experience here and you know I can’t say more about it. You’re definitely teaching us how to be just better doctors. I’m blown away. The tools, the tools are amazing…”

Dr. Cifra


“This has been phenomenal. Went back Monday right after I’d put everything to work and started implementing and it’s been it’s been amazing.
Closed 8 cases just from the initial training right away. If someone was just thinking about attending I’d tell them get here as fast as possible…”

Dr. Roe


“I have had more growth in the past 30 days then the past 10-12 years from attending. Just amazing. I loved the tour & how -to position yourself as a high level doctor. The positioning, the branding & the confidence it gave me has shown me everything that I was missing. This event is the GOLD STANDARD…”

Dr. Lauria


“I learned a lot on the marketing aspect. Just the professionalism, the materials and the program itself and I’m very impressed so far. Both Dr. Bard and Dr. Kaplan have been great. So I’m very happy. They get better all the time. Each time it is different. So this has been the best. More than just a marketing. They take interest in you (the doctors) & they want you to succeed. They want your practice to grow. They make me a better doctor. So it’s not about just making money. It’s about treating your patients the way they should be treated. And getting people better one patient at a time…”

Dr. Berns

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