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FREE Practice Growth Blueprint

FREE Practice Growth Blueprint

Spinal Decompression Certification

Dr. Eric Kaplan, an internationally known author and lecturer, and a renowned team of experts bring their expertise in decompression directly to you. This unique certificate program has been approved by the International Medical Advisory Board for Spinal Decompression. It is the first decompression program to be non-product specific and to cover a robust outline of topics in order to teach you all you need to know in order to offer this highly effective protocol to your patients.

Just a few of the topics Dr. Kaplan and his team take you through are:

  • Treatment options, programs and protocols
  • Clinical Aspects of Decompression
  • Medical Outcome Studies
  • Manual Technique methodology
  • Decompression: history and today
  • Differences in Machines
  • Decompression vs. traction and surgery
  • Spinal Decompression for the Regulatory Community
  • Compliance: Billing and Coding
  • Liability and Decompression

An exam is given at course completion and those that pass with 80% or higher receive a certificate. Now is the time for all chiropractors to improve their performance and clinical outcomes by implementing spinal decompression in a professional patient-centered manner.

Hear what attendees have to say:

My seventh time attending. This has moved my practice to exponential growth. This is the best seminar there is in the country.
I invite everyone who wants to move from good to great to the best, then this is the seminar.
Dr. Girgis - Ohio
My third time attending. The best information, the best professors, the best updates. In one weekend you will learn how to become a better doctor. The best class you will take all year!!!
Dr. Buonadonna - Florida
Super high energy. Dr. Kaplan has a wealth of knowledge. One of the most motivational seminars I’ve ever attended loaded with practical information.
Dr. Heath - Texas
Extremely grateful to Dr. Kaplan and Dr. Bard this adds legitimacy to my practice.
Dr. Portman - California
A wonderful experience as we learn how to help patients avoid surgery.  I recommend everyone takes this course.
Dr. Brodkin - Florida
Amazing seminar. I learned how to give the patient what they want & learned how to do the right thing for the patient I’ll be back.
Dr. Tripp - Pennsylvania
Came for and wanted to get the proper training now that I just got my first table, it’s incredible!!!
Dr. Salazar - Texas
This is my fifth time attending the certification and it changed my professional life.
It has evolved our profession to become specialists. I’ve never had so many referrals from orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons who see the value in spinal decompression.
I adjust patients every day but now we get the best results with spinal decompression. I wish they had this program every month as I would attend. Drop whatever you are doing and attend!!!
Dr. Lohr - Illinois
I attend every year. I learned ALL ROADS LEAD TO DISC. My staff requests attending every year. This morning alone I learned two more golden nuggets that will revolutionize my practice!!!
Dr. Bobbitt - Texas
Thank you for this awesome program!!!
Dr. Hamed - Missouri
Spinal Decompression is a game changer and excellent alternative to help patients avoid invasive procedures.  I would encourage everyone to attend and become certified.
Dr. Hesser - New Mexico
Definitely will do Spinal Decompression from the information from the seminar.
Dr. Guillot - Canada
Ready for Monday with all the information I learned on how to present spinal decompression much better. Highly recommended.
Dr. Banks - New York
This seminar on spinal decompression put everything together, the complete package.
Dr. Richardson - Florida
My second time attending. Doctors Kaplan and Bard have the greatest enthusiasm for spinal decompression and chiropractic plus they back it up with the latest research and science.
Dr. Helton - Texas
Exceptionally run program, highly recommended.
Dr. Groltz - Colorado
This opens up a whole new population of patients who need us and to improve the lives of so many.  I encourage every one to attend.
Dr. Spicuzzo - Florida
This is the best seminar I’ve ever attended!!!
Dr. Viscusi - California
Really enjoyed Dr. Kaplan and Dr. Bard who made the information fun to learn.
Dr. Thain - Washington
Learned all about angles & outcomes & tables.  We have used it successfully in pursuit of better outcomes.
Dr. Betts - Arkansas
Learned the ins and outs of spinal decompression at this seminar. It is a necessity before considering spinal decompression in your practice
Dr. Knotts - Tennessee
Spinal Decompression saved my career. I learned more in one day that I learned in the past nine years. Well spent weekend.
Dr. Robbins - Virginia
My fourth time attending this course. It has raised my batting average as a chiropractor. If you haven’t attended you don’t know what you’re missing.
Dr. Henry - South Carolina
This seminar is phenomenal!!!
Dr. Weymouth - California
My third time attending. Unbelievable information I love the service behind this and how to explain this.
Dr. Strong - Texas
Very informative & highly recommended.
Dr. West - Oklahoma
Thank you to Dr. Kaplan and Dr. Bard. Excellent people, very warm, very energetic. A great experience in learning how to add spinal decompression to my office.
Dr. Lee - California
My second time learning even more this year.
Dr. Boisvert - Kentucky
I love this seminar!!!
Dr. Rowe - Texas
Worth every minute. Drs. Kaplan & Bard had my attention the whole time. Well worth the time and effort in attending.
Dr. Barthen - Illinois
Absolutely amazing. Great love among the group. I’ll be back next year!!!
Dr. Zilliox - New York