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Jun 18

Announcing The 1st EVER Spinal Decompression LEGENDS Awards

If you were fortunate enough to be in attendance @ The NATIONAL SPINAL DECOMPRESSION CERTIFICATION  2 weeks ago in Dallas you were part of something very special. A RECORD BREAKING class with the HIGHEST attendee reviews to date. It is with great pride that we were able to present the 1st EVER "LEGENDS" awards to an... read more →
May 11

LOVE this Doc

The "BUSINESS" of Success in Chiropractic has always been an "INSIDE-OUT" job. Let's be very FRANK..... There are alot of choices out there with respect as to WHO to listen to, WHO deserves your time, WHO is best positioned to help you RISE and WHO is the "REAL DEAL". Both... read more →
Oct 24


When I started practicing the absolute 1 thing that I wished for was a "BAT PHONE". If you were a fan of the TV series "BATMAN" you remember that Bruce Wayne, (A.K.A. = Batman) would walk into a private room & pick up a RED PHONE which came to be... read more →
Jul 06
Jul 06

NEW Decompression Report: First Access (Free Download)

As easy as it would be for him to sit by the pool, play golf, smoke cigars, drink wine, fly in his private plane, attend dinner parties with his friends every night, watch the Yankees & NBA playoffs & "LIVE the LIFE of RILEY", he continues to GIVE back to... read more →
Jul 06

Tears To My Eyes (VIDEO)

So, last weekend was the Wedding of Dr. Jason Kaplan. Dr. Jason is Dr. Eric Kaplan's youngest of 2 boys who became a Chiropractor...
Jul 06

Doctor Releases SPECIAL SAUCE (Watch)

YES - Student of "THE GAME" YES - Persistent in his Approach to be the BEST! YES - "TRUE" Waiting List Practice YES - Attendee to THE CHIRO EVENT Mastermind YES - He Recorded this Video for YOU!!!
Jul 06

Chiro WINS Lottery (Pic)

Yes it's true. 8 months ago I won the Lottery. I received the lottery notice and was given the GOLDEN TICKET...
Jul 06
Jul 06

How To Have Fun

Doctors call us (Dr. Kaplan/Dr.Bard) every week & say to us, "you look like you're having SO MUCH FUN"