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FREE Practice Growth Blueprint

FREE Practice Growth Blueprint

The Relationship

The relationship between Dr. Eric Kaplan & Dr. Perry Bard is one of the most admired, most emulated & most storied in the Chiropractic profession. It spans over 30 years. A relationship that conjoins an unmatched business & management acumen (Dr. Kaplan) with an unmatched marketing & New Patient generation expertise, (Dr. Bard). In going from private practice to corporate America (Wall Street) Dr. Kaplan’s reputation in Chiropractic as “The ULTIMATE Businessman & Entrepreneur” is well documented. A 5-time award winning author with 3- #1 bestsellers, Dr. Kaplan also held the esteemed position as the former President & COO of the weight loss company NUTRISYSTEM. Dr. Kaplan relationship with the TRUMP family & brand is considered by many as historic. With Presidents Trumps endorsement on the cover of his 1st book “Lifestyles of the Fit & Famous” Dr. Kaplan continues to serve on 1 of President Trumps advisory boards. He is also the MOST FOLLOWED Chiropractor in the WORLD in social media with over 300,000 followers, (

Retiring completely at 40 years old, Dr. Perry Bard built one of the busiest clinics in the country. With an average of over 20+ New Paying Patients (NPP’s) per day (single office) for OVER 4 years (documented) there are very few (if any) doctors that have generated that sheer volume of New Patients for that long.

Both Drs. Kaplan & Bard combined to create 11 Multi-Million dollar practices of their own & have pooled their wealth of knowledge & teaching success skills into Concierge Coaches, which is shared amongst the 100’s of clinics under their guidance who continue to break records. They have created a clear example that the “whole is much greater than the sum of its parts” and by conjoining & teaching the 2 foundational components of any successful practice, (Management & Marketing) they have attracted many the MOST ENTREPRENEURIAL chiropractors in the country.

Doctors who simply desired to not remain in the top 10% of the Chiropractic profession but now wanted to be in the TOP 1% of SUCCESS in CHIRORRACTIC. Doctors must QUALIFY to be accepted into the “FAMILY” of Concierge Coaches Doctors however the doctors that are accepted become so much BIGGER, BETTER & MORE (BBM) in their professional lives & their personal lives.

Drs. Kaplan & Bard teach the “AFFLUENT DOCTORS PRACTICE & LIFESTYLE” system & if you are fortunate to know them then you know they have always “practiced what they preached” & live an Above-Down / Inside-Out Life that has afforded them the VERY BEST that life offers.

Their “proprietary” system that is shared in abundance with the family of CONCIERGE COACHES

Doctors is award-winning in its content, it’s delivery system & it’s RESULTS!!!

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Dr. Eric S. Kaplan, C.E.O.

  • The MOST followed chiropractor in the world, (Twitter).
  • Co-Pres. & C.E.O. of Concierge Coaches
  • Owned 6 Multi-Million Dollar Clinics
  • Co-Chair of The Intl. Medical Advisory Board on Spinal Decompression
  • Pres. & Creator of DISC CENTERS of America
  • Former President & C.O.O. – NUTRISYSTEM
  • ONLY Chiropractor to Ever Hit #1-3X on Bestseller List

Dr. Perry M. Bard, C.E.O.

  • 20+ NEW paying patients per day for 4 consecutive years
  • Co-Pres. & C.E.O. of Concierge Coaches
  • Owned 5 Multi-Million Dollar Clinics
  • Brand Specialist – Decompression-Laser-Neuropathy-Massage
  • Chiropractic Marketing Savant
  • Retired COMPLETELY at 40 Years Old (only to return after 6 weeks of lying on the beach)